Roof Cleaning

Choose Berkshire Roof Clean for roof cleaning

Have you become so used to your mossy or algae-stained roof that it hasn’t even crossed your mind to have it cleaned?

Or perhaps you HAVE had it cleaned, but the company you used merely had it jetwashed, with the moss reappearing soon after?

You don’t have to be resigned to a dirty roof.

When you use Berkshire Roof Clean for your roof cleaning, you can look forward to the efficient, cost-effective and sensitive restoration of your roof to its former glory.

Why is good roof cleaning so important?

Many people just don’t realise what a gorgeously-coloured roof their property has, underneath all of those years of grime or moss.

Roofs can so easily accumulate debris from trees and excessive moss growth over time. This can cause blocked gutters, which in turn can lead to such problems as overflows, paint bubbling, sagging gutters and damaged or water-stained brickwork.

Professional roof cleaning services have become more popular across Europe in recent years, and there’s just no better roof cleaning specialist in Berkshire than Berkshire Roof Clean.

The 2 ways in which we restore your roof:

Moss removal

So many other companies of our type make the heinous mistake of just jet washing the roof – and guess what? This pressure washing can cause all kinds of problems. Irreparable damage can be caused that leaves you with worn, brittle and/or discoloured tiles.

The reason for this is that pressure washing actually strips away your tiles’ top protective layer, leaving a rough surface where moss can actually return even quicker.

That’s why, here at Berkshire Roof Clean, we take such pride in our manual moss removal service that gently scrapes the moss off your roof tiles. This makes it the best possible roof cleaning method for the long-term preservation of your tiles.

Biocide treatment

This second phase of our work is chosen by more than 95 per cent of our clients, and you’ll soon see why. This is the roof wash phase, where we use our clever Mossgo biocide agent to kill and remove any remaining traces of algae or moss, at the same time as bringing back your roof’s lost colour.

We use Mossgo because there just isn’t anything else as effective, long-lasting and kind to your roof. You’ll be astonished by the results – as a matter of fact, we have never been called back to a job with regard to moss growth! We are also the only Mossgo contractor in the area.

Why not contact Berkshire Roof Clean now about our extensive roof cleaning service, perhaps requesting a free no obligation quote?